50% Deposit Promotion | Atiora


Deposit Promotion Description

Get a 50% Deposit Promotion from Atiora ECN Broker – Trade CFD, Index and commodities & more than 50 currency pairs with 50% Bonus on deposit. Bonus added into account is included in the client’s trading margin that is available for both new and existing clients.

50% Deposit Promotion

Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • The amount of the 50% Bonus added to the clients account is included in the client’s trading margin.
  • The 50% Bonus Promotion is applicable to new and existing ATIORA clients.
  • The 50% Bonus applies to any account type of Atiora broker.
  • The 50% Bonus can be added for every deposit and to trading accounts opened by the client during the promotion period.
  • The 50% Bonus will not be expired and nullified from the client’s MT4 account after it been credited.
  • The 50% Bonus can be added to the client’s trading account balance only after receiving client’s deposit by ATIORA of above 10 USD
  • In case if the client’s balance/equity after 1 month from being added to his/her Bonus
  • Account is less than the initial 50% Bonus amount credited to his account, the remaining balance will be nullified from his/her trading balance. (The Account balance with credited bonus cannot be negative).

Bonus Withdrawal Conditions

  • Need to trade 20 times of the deposit to withdraw bonus.

Joining Link: Bonus

Ending Date: December 31, 2016

Offer is Applicable

  • To all the clients.

How to Apply for the Bonus

  • Deposit at least $50 into standard account.
  • Get 50% Bonus while maximum bonus is $2000

Company Description

ATIORA is a brand owned by ATIORA Ltd. A company registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines (Reg Number: 22938 IBC 2015). Atiora Markets Ltd. registered in Seychelles (Reg Number: 174731 IBC 2015). ATIORA does not use the client money we are true ECN company. ATIORA is not market maker we only execute your orders and make profits from the spread only. We are safe and guaranteed 100%.