Forex Ebooks | For Beginner Forex Trading | Part One


1.Candlesticks For Support And Resistance

Candlesticks Author: John H. Forman.

Summery of The Book: candlestick charting technique is first origins in Japan. It is being absorbed into the ways of Western technical analysis. John H. Forman presents here  how candlestick charting can be used for a typically Western technical analysis strategy.

 2.Online Trading Courses

online trading courses

       Author: Jake Bernstein.

     Summery of The Book: This book is designed as an online trading courses. The topics which is covered in this book are: Evolution of the Futures Markets, What is Hedging?, Categories of Players in the Futures Games and their Roles, Why Traders Trade, How Will You Achieve Your Goal?, Factors that You Should Consider in Making this Decision and so on.

 3.Hidden Divergence 

hidded divergence

    Author: Barbara Star, Ph.D.

   Summery of The Book: Divergence is a term that technicians use when two or more averages or indices fail to show confirming trends. It is one of the mainstays of technical analysis. Barbara Star presents here a new way to use oscillators and divergence as well as methods to locate entry levels during a trend.

 4.Peaks and Troughs

     Author: Martin J. Pring.  Peaks and Troughs

     Summery of The Book: Martin J. Pring presents here a look at peaks and troughs, a classic form of chart analysis that worked B.C. and work now. The oldest ways of chart analysis had to work in the days before computers (B.C.). There’s no reason they shouldn’t work now.

5.Reverse Divergences And Momentum

                 Author: Martin J. PringReverse Divergences and Momentum

              Summery of The Book: An oscillator’s failure to confirm the higher high or the lower low of the market is a red flag to most technical traders. Is there a message when the price diverges from the indicator? This veteran technician thinks there is.