Forex Ebooks for Beginners | Part Four

forex eboks for beginners

Forex Ebooks for Beginners | Part Four

1. The Way to Trade Forex

the way to trade forexAuthor: Jay Lakhani.

Summery: This book show you not only forex fundamentals but also some unusual techniques and strategies that can work for new trades in forex market. The topics which are covered in this book, They are: Technical Analysis & Chart Patterns, Trading Strategies, Trading Psychology,  Eastern Philosophy and Trading, Follow Up Service & Mentoring.

2. The Truth About Fibonacci Trading

The Truth About Fibonacci TradingAuthor: Bill Poulos

Summery: The truth about Fibonacci levels is that they are useful (like all trading indicators). They do not work as a standalone system of trading and they are certainly not the “holy grail”, but can be a very effective component of your trading strategy.

3. Quick Guide to Forex Trading

The Forex quick guidePublisher:  Easy-Forex.

Summery: This book has been developed to help the forex beginner, though experienced and professional traders may find it a handy reference. Beginners and new traders are likely to benefit from reading the entire text,  starting with chapter 1, which provides a basic overview of what currency trading is, and how to get started.

4. Chart Patterns and Technical Indicators

Chart Patterns Technical IndicatorsAuthor: Unknown

Summery: This book is covered with topics of an explanation of the most popular chart patterns and some technical indicators.



5. Forex Trading

forex-tradingAuthor: Richard Taylor

Summery: The topics which are covered in this book, they are: Forex Advantages, 5 Myths about Forex Trading, How Can I Start Making Money on Forex?, Plan How You Will Trade, Automated Forex Trading, Best Hours to Trade Forex, Economic Calendar  and so on.