Forex Ebook | For Beginners | Part Two


Forex Ebook | For Beginners | Part Two

1. Commodity Futures Trading for Beginners

comodity future tradingAuthor: Bruce Babcock.

Summery: The topics which is covered in this books are: The risk of trading, the history of trading, trading process, commodity markets, elements of successful trading plan, and so valuable subjects.

2. Strategy:10 

Strategy10.Author:W. R. Booker & Co.

Summery: Strategy:10 is a strategic book which is discussed about ten forex strategical view point.

3. The NYSE Tick Index And Candlesticks

the nyse tick indexAuthor: Tim Ord.

Summery: This book cover NYSE Tick Index. The tick index may appear to be one of the simplest of market indicators, but it also offers insight into market psychology. As a stand-alone indicator, the tick index has its place in the technician’s toolbox, but combining the tick index with candlestick charting, another technical method for spotting changes in market trends, creates a potent combination.

4. Trend Determination 

trend determinationAuthor
: John Hayden.

Summery: This book presents trend determination of forex trade ;  a quick, accurate & effective methodology for forex trader.

5. The Original Turtle Trading Rules 

The Original Turtle Trading

Summery: This book is about the original trading rules. The topics which are covered here are discussed here: Complete Trading System, When to buy or sell, Trading Psychology, Money Management , Stop Placement, Volatility Adjusted Position Units.