Forex Trading Books | Ebooks Part Two

forex market ebooks part 2

Forex Trading Books | Ebooks Part Two

1. Phantom of the Pits

forex ebooksAuthor: Arthur L. Simpson

Summery:  The writer express here of his general thoughts and opinions on trading.

2. An Introduction to Market Profile and a User’s Guide to Capital Flow Software

forex trading softowerAuthor: J. Peter Steidlmayer and Ted Hearne

Summery: This book is the introduction to market profile and user`s guide to capital flow software.

3. The Effect of Tick Size on Volatility, Trader Behavior, and Market Quality

forex market qualityAuthor: Tavy Ronen and Daniel G. Weaver

Summery: Authors expose the effect of tick size on volatility, financial trader behavior, and forex market quality. You can find all the thing all together from this book.

4. Trading as a Business

trading as a businessAuthor: Charlie Wright

Summery: Charlie wright discuss trading as a business. He elaborately provide information why trading as a business.

5. What Moves the Currency Market?

What moves the currency marketAuthor: Kathy Lien

Summery: What makes currencies tick? Find out which economic factors help shape the short-term and long-term forex landscape from this book.

6. Macroeconomic Implications of the Beliefs and Behavior of Foreign Exchange Traders

forex trader behaviourAuthor: Yin-Wong Cheung and Menzie D. Chinn

Summery: This book presents macroeconomic implications of the beliefs and behavior of foreign exchange traders.

7. All About the Foreign Exchange Market in the United States

USA forex marketAuthor: Sam Y. Cross

Summery: This book presents all about the foreign exchange market in the united states. This book data & information are all come from reliable source.