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The big question for ‘Leave’ strategists is whether they can sustain their improved prospects, or whether they had simply seen a ‘protest’ vote that will evaporate closer to 23rd June. Go long the GBPUSD if it trades at 1.4662 or higher. If triggered, place your stop at 1.4347 and exit the position for a profit at 1.4879 or at your own discretion. (Signals are valid for 1 day only. Always invest wisely). In this signal you don’t get the following: 1. How to identify the trade setup 2. How to identify short term trend 3. How to protect gains in your trade 4. Market deciding price exit for large moves in the market 5. Money management 6. Buy/Sell line which let you know when to buy or when to sell (Latest Forex News).

BULLISH Strategy | Latest Forex News

GBPUSD First Cypher Or BAT

Last week I was looking at an one hour time frame. The price bounced from the support, rallied all the way to the previous resistance and dropped fast after that, breaking the up trend line and reaching the key support from 1.4333. Let the market go for a while. I want to go first cypher D 1.48504 I’ll be short go 1.3946 I‘ll be long.

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Possible Scenarios For Brexit

Likewise, a day has seldom passed since early June without Leave pressing the immigration button hard. Their efforts have borne fruit: the best Brexit odds—3/1—first emerged last week.

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GBPUSD Gains | Latest Forex News

GBPUSD maintains a short-term bullish tone, although in the longer terms gains are seen fading above 1.4700.

GBPUSD Gains | Latest Forex News

GBPUSD Breakout Looming

Price action suggesting that theres still enough movement to the upside confirmed with the moving averages. Waiting for a clear opportunity to enter the market as a breakout is just a matter of days away, all the signs are suggesting its eminent. Monthly trend line acting as resistance along with the bounce above the 50% fib level.

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Cable tested the mid/upper 1.43 area three times yesterday and looked vulnerable to more losses overall so the overnight transformation, leaving the market knocking on the door of 1.46, looks quite remarkable, considering the only piece of data that has been released is the “Halifax” May house price survey (+0.6%).