USDCHF Market Update 31/08/2016


USDCHF Market Update For August 31, 2016

Here we will give some information about USDCHF Market Update. This will provide both the long and short term analysis for the traders. With the help of his analysis the traders will be able to have some better trading idea for their trading that which trade will be good for the current market situation.

Lower Time Frame Double Bottom

Just to Show you how it works. But you can still set a pending buy because the opportunity is over. EP: 0.98276 SL: 0.98210 TP: 0.98460 Always Trade Follow By Risk Reward Ratio, 2-5% per trade.

USDCHF Market Update 4

USDCHF Bullish triangle

The recent lows around 0.9544 might mark the end of a large bullish triangle. A break above the 0.9954 lever along with the break of the descending trend line would be a very encouraging sign to support this interpretation.

USDCHF Market Update 1

Reward To Risk Opportunity

Potential USDCHF opportunity with good R:R Reasons for Entry: – Price finding resistance at previous High – Bearish Candle formation. RSI Overbought/Divergence Target – 3:1 Risk Reward Stops – Above previous High If the first trade gets stopped out, wait and look for a long setup, targeting 0.9950.

USDCHF Market Update 2

USDCHF Shorting Idea

Here in this chart the pair will bounce back from the resistance level and go short.

USDCHF Market Update 3